Change Log

October 3rd, 2008

  • Version 2.1 of Easy Unicode Paster is released.
  • There are two primary improvements: (1) I have modified AMS.Profile.dll so that it can now read the full range of unicode characters from the .ini character files without having to type in their XML/ANSI number equivalents. (2) When you click on the tray icon to toggle the visibility, the previous window you were working with will be brought back into focus, just like as if you used the hotkey to toggle Easy Unicode Paster.
  • The source code for Easy Unicode Paster 2.1 is not released yet because I'm seeking permission from the original author of AMS.Profile.dll to allow me to post my improvements to the AMS.Profile.dll source code.

September 4th, 2008

  • Version 2.0 of Easy Unicode Paster is released.
  • The structure of the program has been changed. The Config.ini file is now separate from the character sets used.
  • Includes over 100 different character sets.
  • Access all the character sets from within Easy Unicode Paster.
  • Utilizes a table of "buttons" for better performance and a cleaner look.
  • Program will automatically change the layout of the table according to how much space is available. It makes it so that you only have to scroll vertically when there is not enough room to display all the items.
  • Has support for pasting multiple characters with one button. See the "Example Character Set.ini" file in the "Character Sets" folder for details.
  • The items on the toolbar and the context menu have been tweaked. Gone is the option to make EUP not topmost because this was not a very useful option in practice.

August 31th, 2008

  • Version 1.4 of Easy Unicode Paster is released.
  • Uses SendInput to send unicode keys to other applications for greater reliability, particulary in Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Interface tweaks: Double clicking on the toolbar hides the application.
  • Added options to start minimized and to turn off tool tips.
  • Coded the ability for EUP to read XML style representation of unicode for both single characters and as words/sentences. This will be used in future character sets for both single characters and for multiple words.

August 29th, 2008

  • The Easy Unicode Paster project is started. Version 1.3 of EUP is available in the downloads page.
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