Creating New Character Sets

Currently, the easiest way to create a new character set for Easy Unicode Paster 2.0 is to work off of the "Example Character Set.ini" file under:
Easy Unicode Paster 2.0 -> Character Sets -> Example Character Set.ini

Save a copy of the file to a new name in the same "Character Sets" folder you found it in. You can then proceed to edit the entries to create a new character set file. Below is a screenshot of what the "Example Character Set.ini" file looks like. Follow the instructions near the bottom to use the various notations used to tell Easy Unicode Paster what to display.


In a future version of Easy Unicode Paster, there will be a graphical way of creating and editing charcter sets.

If you want to submit your character set for inclusion in Easy Unicode Paster, simply e-mail it to moc.liamg|erutciPnIoediV#moc.liamg|erutciPnIoediV.

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